Heroism is contagious.

Those on the front line, our first responders, have inspired all of us by carrying the burden of saving lives while risking their own.

Incredible displays of community spirit, crowdfunding, and togetherness dominate our news and social feeds. Everyone wants to know how they can help.

But even as we flatten the curve, economic recovery won’t happen overnight, and small businesses desperately need our help. We must put our ability into action and become a dedicated partner to our local businesses that could use a boost.

About the collective

Our Response: Ability

is a community call to arms to roll up our sleeves, volunteer and donate our individual skill sets to vulnerable businesses in our backyard.

What unique abilities can you volunteer to help our economy rebound, one small business at a time?

It’s not charity. It’s a strategy to keep the lights on and bounce back faster.

How You Can Help

If you’re a company that wants to donate your ability to a local business, let us know! Our free toolkit will help you get started putting your expertise to work for your neighborhood.

Our Partners

Let’s do what we can today, for a better tomorrow. #OurResponseAbility